Mover of bytes, master of bit puppets, creator of game worlds. In other words, someone who makes computers do things.

This is my personal page. Here you can find some generic information about me and what I’ve been doing.

If you want to check my game development website see The Lemon Behind The Sofa. For generic technical posts, check my tech blog Repeat Until Keypressed. If you want to see my videos see Marco Lopes TV.

Hope you like my page. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel you have something to say.


15 May 2016 . Presenting . Speaking at the London Magento User Group

Later this month of May I’ll be speaking at the London Magento User Group meetup. This meetup will be at Inviqa’s London office shortly after 6pm, on the 25th of May. I’ll be presenting my “Driving your domain by examples” talk, which I’ve presented earlier this year at the Developers Paradise, in Opatija, Croatia. This talk, focus on using Gherkin examples to drive the design of your application, and help you model your code after the domain of the problem.

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  • February 2001 - Today

    Software Engineer.

  • February 1999 - February 2001


  • March 1997 - February 1999

    Computer Hardware Technician.

  • 1988 - March 1997

    Coding as a hobby.


If you want to contact me, you can do it on twitter, or at:

marco at mlopes